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Times to beat in CSR2 – Complete Guide including Tempest 1-3

If you are looking for the times to beat in CSR2 to succeed in the Regulation, Ladder, Elite or Tempest races, you have come to the right place. Without doubt, the most complete compilation of all requirements in CSR2.

I need your help

If you notice any changes in the times to beat or the order of the races, please write me a short message so that I can always provide you with the latest information.

Times to beat in T1 – the Races

The best T1 Cars for Tempest

If you take a closer look at the times to beat in T1, you can easily see that there are several T1 class cars that can beat those times. Especially the VW Golf, but also the Ford Fiesta ST are the favorites.

To master all the challenges in T1 you need four cars. Three for the elite licenses and one to win the crew and Tempest races. Why is this so? Why can’t you drive all the races with one car?

Simply because the cars you used to obtain the Elite Licenses are banned from the Tempest races.

I only used Ford Fiestas to drive all the challenges of class T1. Why? The Ford Fiesta is the cheapest car you can buy in CSR2, only $28,500. You can max the Fiesta relatively quickly by buying and stripping other identical cars from the dealership.

If you are lucky enough to own a 1 star Fiesta then max it. This applies to all cars in CSR2. Stars mean that you can fit more fusion parts and the car is faster than its starless counterpart.

Times to beat in T2 – the Races

The best T2 Cars

I can warmly recommend the Porsche Boxster 718 for the Tempest Races, this car masters all challenges without problems. For the Speedtraps you have to work a little bit on the tuning set-up, but everything else is a piece of cake. For Tempest 3 Speedtraps it has to be maximized quite a bit.

The elite licenses of the class T2 I have mastered with the Ferrari 250 GTO, a Ford Focus RS and the Hyundai Ark Performance Veloster, also a breeze. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the order anymore :(.

My Elite License Cars

So i guess I used the Focus for Elite 1, the Hyundai for Elite 2 and the Ferrari for Elite 3. It’s obvious, isn’t it.

The Tempest Porsche 718 Boxster S totally maxed out

For the Porsche to make this time you have to choose a completely unusual setup. Reset your engine upgrades to factory settings, the transmission to Stage 5, and the Boxster will make the 8,507s on the 1/4 mile

Porsche 718 Boxster S Tuning & Shift Pattern|Porsche

Times to beat in T3 – the Races

The best T3 Cars

My choice for the Tempest races was a 0 star BMW M4, which I purchased for $200,000 from the dealer. If you own a 2 star BMW M4, then use this car. The M4 is the perfect choice for all the times to beat in T3 Tempest because you can upgrade it relatively quickly for little money. Just buy and strip more M4s and you will have maximized your Tempest car within a few weeks.

2 Star BMW M4 totally maxed

My T3 Elite Licence Cars

The T3 elite licenses I have mastered with another BMW M4, a Audi RS5 Coupe and, since I had no idea back then, Amelias LB BMW M4 🙁

Times to beat in T4 – the Races

The best T4 Cars

IMG 2900

For Tempest 3 T4 I used the BMW M5 Competition. A march through without the slightest problem. I admit my M5 was fully maximized and therefore I had no doubt to win Donna’s Ferrari. The BMW is the perfect combination of acceleration and top speed. I only had to change the tuning for the 230 MPH and the 250 MPH, otherwise I left it as if the car was fully built. To conclude, the M5 is the car you should use to master Tempest 3 times to beat in T4.

M5 Competition Tuning and Shift Pattern

More T4 Cars to beat Donna

Times to beat in T5 – the Races

The best T5 Cars

Porsche GT2 RS CSR2

Tempest 3 T5 isn’t a challenge at all. I used the Porsche GT2 RS. A march through without the slightest problem. My Porsche wasn’t even fully maximized, it was missing two stage 6 parts and several fusions. The Porsche isn’t the perfect combination of acceleration and top speed. I had to change the tuning for the 0-100 challenges. To conclude, the Porsche GT2 RS is one of many cars you can use to master Tempest 3 in T5.

More T5 Cars that should easily beat Harkness

Should I use/buy Super Nitrous to beat the Boss Times?

No, not at all. Don’t do that. Super Nitrous is completely unnecessary if you have taken enough time and have built and maximized your car properly. You can really save yourself the money, Super Nitrous costs up to $10.99 (iOS) depending on the car class, it might not even be worth the car you win with it 🙂 Obviously, you don’t want to spend that much money.

33 thoughts on “Times to beat in CSR2 – Complete Guide including Tempest 1-3

  1. New info on Tempest 2 Challenge 🙁 Stuck with Larry’s GTA Spano on Race #17, 692 PP, 1/2 mile, 12.142s. The best tune I can get for 692PP is 12.111 but it’s very hard to beat and I managed only 12.168 meanwhile.
    Now I have only two stage 6 upgrades on it (nitro and intake) and sure I have to switch the car or wait for more stage 6 upgrades 🙁
    Spano is very slow and parts are rare – it was a mistake to invest into it.

      1. #23 was a wrong number should be as follows:
        Tempest 2 T5

        Race #22 699 PP 1/2 11.795
        Race #23 699 PP 1/2 11.751
        Race #24 699 PP 0-100 2.127
        Race #25 699 PP 1/2 11.463
        Race #26 699 PP 1/2 11.552
        Race #27 699 PP 1/2 11.498
        Race #28 699 PP 1/2 11.501
        Race #29 699 PP 0-100 2.322
        Race #30 699 PP 1/2 11.437

          1. Race #33 707 PP 1/2 11.343
            Race #34 707 PP 1/2 11.340
            Race #35 707 PP 1/2 11.314
            Race #36 707 PP 0-100 2.188
            Race #37 707 PP 1/2 10.996
            Race #38 707 PP 1/2 11.272
            Race #39 707 PP 1/2 11.239
            Race #40 707 PP 1/2 11.432
            Race #43 717 PP 1/2 11.190
            Race #44 717 PP 0-100 3.309
            Race #45 717 PP 1/2 11.144
            Race #46 717 PP 1/2 11.062
            Race #47 717 PP 1/2 11.071
            Race #48 717 PP 1/2 11.055

        1. The opponent on race #29 (Tempest 2 T5) is doing 2.127. I am still wondering how to get below 2.250 which is my best.

          1. You should use the Porsche boxer.
            T6 all but T1 engine. Gears all the way right. Fastest time you’ll ever get

    1. There are two Mazda Miata in the Game. The Rocket bunny Miata is T2, the regular Miata is a T1 car.

  2. Good night. I have a doubt. Can I use the cars that won Tempest 1 on 2 and 3? Because they are tuned to the maximum. thank you.

  3. Hi, my name is Ron, I have been a CSR player for years.

    I’m having difficulties with race number 13 with Lauro Borges to acquire GTA Spano. I have an LB adventurer. But in race 13 we must accelerate from 0 to 161km / h. Target below 1,850 and my car can’t. Can you help me ?

    1. Yeah, I’m having troubles getting the Porsche GT2 to that speed with that PP level. What upgrades and tune did you use to beat Tempest 3 692PP. Thanks

  4. Good night. Can anyone tell me if the sequence of Tempest 2 is the same as 1? If it is different (3, 4, 1, 2, 5). Could you tell me the sequence? Txs.

  5. Audi RS6 Avant for Tempest T4? It looks like it can meet the 0-100 and top speeds. Thoughts?
    Mine is 655/1456.

      1. I believe it meets the 0-100 requirements, especially if it’s fully upgraded. With all Stage 6 Parts and all Fusion Parts the RS6 is able to run 300+ mph. For the 0-60 and 0-100 Races you need to play with tunings. If 655/1456 is good enough? Hard to say.

  6. Hi I’m looking for the perfect sequence for the Harkness’ Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. A very fast and beautiful car.

    1. Hey, I updated the long List of Cars with the Harkness’s Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Here you can find the perfect tune and Shift for it

  7. Daniel Sanabria Solano

    guys i am stuck on tempest 1 tier 5, i have the following cars for tier 5, please tell me which to upgrade and use it: i have the huracan performante spyder, the camaro COPO, the hennessey venom GT, the saleen S1, the pagani zonda cinque roadster, the DB11and the 911 gt3, i changed from the hennessey to the COPO but is not working, can someone please help me

    1. The big deal with Tempest is that you need a car accelerating as hell and at the same time come up with a decent top speed. On of the best choices seems to be the Elite Tuners Toyota GR Supra. The COPO Camaro is not a good choice because of acceleration. I’m not to sure if the Porsche GT3 can do it. Can anybody help out?

  8. Supra fusion parts are extremely abundant, for me at least. I absolutely got a k.o. and won Shax’s Agera R with that car. Now realizing it, my grey Lamborghini Performante Spyder has the fastest mile time and an insane 55% rp boost. Also, the Agera R is one of the weakest of my T5 cars I’ve ever had. Despite the 48% rp boost that comes with the car, unless you are fully committed to fusing parts to the Agera R, it is not really worth it. If you want to plow through these Tempest 2 & 3 T5 challenges, use the GR Supra.

  9. I have a rx7 and it’s maxed out i need help to tune it so it can beat the elite time trial for tier 5

  10. hi how to beat finn’s challange 399pp please i am useing scirocco i need help thanks can you tell me the stuff to put in for each race thanks alot

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