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Your first car in CSR2

Starting the game you get 130 gold as a gift so that you can buy your first car in CSR2. That is just enough money to choose one of the seven Tier 1 cars. All entry-level cars have similar performance data, confusing at first sight.

Your first car in CSR2 should be …

Most people would say: the VW Golf GTI. But not me. In the first days playing CSR2 every dollar counts and the Golf is a little bit more expensive than …

The Fiesta can fit 35 stage upgrades and 24 fusion parts. To max it out you can buy it over and over from the dealership and strip it for fusion parts. The Fiesta is the cheapest car in CSR2 it costs only $28.500 or 120 Gold for instant delivery.

First car in CSR2, the Ford Fiesta ST

Why is the Fiesta a great choice as your first Car in CSR2?

The Ford Fiesta ST is considered a great choice to start CSR2 with for several reasons, making it a popular option for beginners in the game. Here are some key factors contributing to the Ford Fiesta ST’s appeal:

  1. Tier 1 Availability: The Ford Fiesta ST is a Tier 1 car, which means it is available early in the game. Players can acquire it relatively quickly, allowing them to start participating in races and events right from the beginning.
  2. Ease of Upgrades: The Fiesta ST is relatively easy to upgrade, making it a user-friendly option for players who are just starting to get familiar with the game’s mechanics. This accessibility allows beginners to enhance their car’s performance without facing overly complex upgrade challenges.
  3. Affordability: The Fiesta ST is cost-effective in terms of in-game currency, making it a budget-friendly option for new players. This allows beginners to allocate resources efficiently as they learn the ropes of CSR2.
  4. Balanced Performance: The Fiesta ST offers a balanced performance for a Tier 1 car. As your first Car in CSR2 it has respectable speed, handling, and acceleration, allowing players to compete effectively in Tier 1 races. This balance makes it a reliable choice for both short sprints and longer races.

It’s important to note that while the Ford Fiesta ST is a recommended choice for beginners, CSR2 regularly updates its car lineup and introduces new events. As players advance, they may have the opportunity to acquire and upgrade higher-tier cars, enhancing their racing experience in the game.

More information about the real Ford Fiesta ST

Best tuning for the Fiesta without a star is 203 – 3.7 | 3.05 | 20 – 80. The 1/2 mile time will be something at 11.9xx

If you are lucky enough you might win a yellow star Fiesta from a crate or something. Tuning for the 1 star Fiesta is NOS 204 / 3.9 Transmission 3.05 and Tires 20 / 80. The wining shift pattern seems to be: Early perfect start, at 39mph perfect shift to 2nd and NOS, at 67mph perfect shift to 3rd, at 107mph perfect shift to 4th

You can go for the Golf as your first Car in CSR2 as well. Tuning for the VW Golf GTI is NOS 205 / 3.9Transmission 3.15 and Tires 21 / 79. The wining shift pattern seems to be: Perfect start, perfect shift to 2nd, NOS, perfect shift in 3rd, perfect shift in 4th

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