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Best Tune and Shift Pattern – All the CSR2 Cars

All the CSR2 Cars with Tune and Shift Pattern – to get the best times in CSR2 races it is essential that you know the best tune and shift pattern for your car. This list is not a complete overview of all CSR2 cars. All values refer explicitly to fully upgraded cars with all Stage 6 upgrades and all Fusion parts.

If you found a perfect tuning for a not maximized car you are welcome to send me your values and configuration. So that we maybe can build a comprehensive compendium for each car.

This tune and shift pattern list can also help you

  • To find the best car for the Crew & Tempest races (see all the times to beat)
  • To decide which car you should max out
  • How to adjust your car to be in the lead in live and showdown races

All the CSR2 Cars with best Tune and Shift Pattern organized in a interactive table

I list the performance data of the cars in tables. These tables give you the possibility to search for cars or sort the order of the cars, so you should find what you are looking for quickly.

CSR2 Tune and shift pattern – Tier 5 Cars

In Tier 5 you will find the fastest CSR2 cars. The absolute TOP cars are unfortunately almost all only available for real money in CSR2. That’s why I concentrate on the latest and most popular cars. But in the course of time I will also add rarer cars.