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Live Races, Lobby Times, Swapping and W/L in CSR2

Live races would be complete nonsense if everyone had to race against everyone else. The winner would always be the one with the fastest car. Obviously, it would be a pretty frustrating thing, wouldn’t it?

That’s why in live races opponents with similar 1/4 o. 1/2 mile times are put into lobbies. Your car get’s assigned to a lobby, when it’s dyno time matches the lobby’s window of times. If you race a lot and always use the same car suddenly it comes to the point where you can’t win anymore …

Can’t win Live Races anymore?

I assume you have one car you rely on for live races. If you dominate your lobby and win too many races, you will automatically be sent to the next faster lobby. Winning there won’t be easy and you will get frustrated relatively quickly and wish to leave CSR2 forever. Stop. You can return to your original lobby. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Use another car 🙂
  2. Or you can change your car to stock level and do a few races. Afterwards upgrade your car to top performance (parts and tuning) again and try to lose the first race. Now you should be in the right lobby again.

Current Live Races Lobby Times


Swapping Etiquette

In Live Races Players use different symbols to show that they are willing to swap Respect Points (RP). Some add w/l to their name, some add Swap, others use 🔄 or something alike.

If you use a symbol that makes others believe you are willing to swap RP, be a cool kid and show respect to others, swap.

When it comes to a race there are two possibilities for you

  1. Drive full throttle to find out who is taking control in the swapping. The faster one, adjust his pace to the slower one.
  2. Lose the first race to show that you are serious.

After a win in swap races, you need to have a little patience. Wait a few seconds and give your swap partner time to sort, refuel or collect key wins. If your partner does not ask you to rematch after a few seconds, look for him in the lobby. Sometimes connection problems or an accident are the reason for his/her disappearance. If you are challenged by other players, refuse the race.

During the swap sessions you should make it easy for your partner to win. Always remember, he might make a small mistake, give him a head start or brake in time.

A word of warning

Of course there are black sheep at CSR2, some players ignore the swap symbols or use them fraudulently. Remember the player name and the crew and from now on refuse to race against the player or his crew.

Need a break or want to leave

If you want to quit and your partner challenges you again, then make a bid of $5,000 to let him know that you will leave. Let him/her win and take the bid as a small thank you to your swap partner.

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19 thoughts on “Live Races, Lobby Times, Swapping and W/L in CSR2”

  1. Are these the current lobby times? I was lead to believe 8.2 was the ‘hyper lobby’!?

    1. From my own experience: when I drive the Cobra Jet in live races, for example, I never encounter cars that are slower than 7.5XXs. That’s why I believe that this table reflects reality. If you have other experiences, let me know so that I don’t spread false information.

    2. My understanding is that hypercar lobby requires a dyno time below the the fastest lobby on the list (7.1 Lobby) I think. If that’s incorrect I’d appreciate someone helping me out…thanks

      1. 7.1 times are in the first lobby. It goes from 7.599 to however faster they can be. I believe the fastest car is running 6.9 and change. 7.1 is a faster time with whatever car you’re using. I’d very in there and start betting. You’ve got one of the faster cars

  2. Scott aka W.E.CoyoteEsqAcme inc aka Thunderbird

    what are the 1/4 mile lobbies? we are always having to “Win 3 Live T2” or similar for daily goals! so many duplicates to build different ways for (fill in blank)!?!

    1. Since I never do live races with tier 1, 2 and 3 cars, I’m not able to answer your question.

      1. 7.1 times are in the first lobby. It goes from 7.599 to however faster they can be. I believe the fastest car is running 6.9 and change. 7.1 is a faster time with whatever car you’re using. I’d very in there and start betting. You’ve got one of the faster cars

    2. I can’t answer that question, but what I do, and what I think most others do, is have a car set up with a negative tune, or a tune in which the run time is faster than the dyno time. Personally, I go to the dealership and buy a car for this purpose. When it stops winning, which takes awhile if you only use it for daily goals, I strip it and buy another. Or you could just have one waiting, same difference. I often use negative tunes for things like daily trials and supply cups as well, but I use my favorite cars because there are no lobbies in offline racing.

  3. unguru1305 BA AMRacing

    first race in the 8.1xx lobby and the opponent did 7.6xx lobbies are still messed up…

  4. Swapping is cheap. Bad enough swappers are gaming the system, But they actually blacklist non-swappers. You know—people who actually want to race, win or lose. Wouldn’t want those cheese balls to actually earn their points.

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