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csr2 Can’t Win Live Races – Game play Questions

How to succeed in Live Races in CSR2

In the Article, CSR2 Can’t win Live Races, I will tell you everything you need to know about Live Racing. Lobby Times, Tuning and Down Tuning and Tactics are the most important Keywords.

All the CSR2 Live Racing Secrets

The main secret about CSR2 Live Racing is that the first time you race a Car, CSR2 will sort you into a Live Racing lobby based on your Car’s Dyno Time.

After the first race the game evaluates your performance and that of your car and a number of factors will influence your Live Racing classification from now on.

These factors will determine your Live Racing

  1. did you beat the Dyno time of your Car, so how fast were you really?
  2. is your Time within the primary set Lobby Bracket
  3. the Ratio of winning to being beaten, especially if you are faster than your Lobby Bracket says you should be or if you beat your Car’s Dyno Time
  4. are your Opponents equal, i.e. do they also beat the Dyno Time and/or the Times of the Lobby Bracket
  5. is your Car intended for the Lobby you are racing in, or are you actually in a Lobby too slow for your Car.

If one or more of the above apply to you, thenCSR2 will most likely move you to the next faster Lobby. When this will happen is not predictable.

Conclusion: The most important thing, know in which lobby you are.

Which CSR2 Live Racing Lobbys are there? And what are the Time Brackets?


More Tips and Tricks about CSR2 Live Racing

  1. Your car, you must know and master your car. Each car is unique. Different tuning, individual setup and and. This leads to the fact that you have to drive your car very individually. Practice!
  2. Tuning, tune your car so that you drive at the lower time limit of a lobby. An example: You want to drive in the 8.000s – 8.199s lobby, then your car should make 8.0xxs. Be careful not to leave the lobby down and drastically undercut your car’s dyno time.

If you have been pushed into a lobby that is too fast, then follow these tips

  1. retune your Car. Not significantly, but down enough to get you back in the Lobby you want.
  2. lose a few Races on purpose, it must be 10-20. Sometimes less … it is not really predictable
  3. change the Setup of your Car. Remove 1-2 Fusion Parts or reset a part to stage 5 or 4. You have to try what works best for you . Oh, and don’t forget to adjust your Tuning accordingly.
  4. sometimes it helps not to use your Car for a week or two. But only sometimes.

Frequently asked Questions CSR2 – Game Play Questions