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Respect Points – how to earn a lot of RP

What are Respect Points in CSR2 and what do you need them for

Respect Points is the score that indicates how well you perform in races and how consistently you play CSR2.

If you want to become a member of a successful CSR2 team, RP is your calling card for membership. If you are member of a crew, you need RP to move your team forward in the Crew Milestones. You need to know that the goal of the Crew Milestones is to win the Crew Milestone car, keys, fusion parts and gold every season.

Actually it’s pretty easy to break the 1 million RP mark per season, you just have to follow a few simple tips.

Tip 1: Get the Prestige Cup car every season

As a result, you will earn a lot of RP without much effort with the Prestige Cup (PC) Car. With the PC Car of the previous and current season you can easily earn 600k RP if you stick to the following schedule.

Tip 2: Follow the CSR2 Season Schedule

Each CSR2 season lasts exactly 14 days and follows a strict schedule. During the 14 days of the season there are exactly 27 Trial and Cup races that you should drive. However, you will need the two Prestige Cup cars described above. As a reward for your efforts you will receive 610,800 Crew Respect Points (RP).

The RP you receive for each race are not even included here. But in the end you will easily be over 700k RP.

CSR2 Season schedule by Average Noobs with Respect Points

Average Noobs season schedule on Google Drive:

Tip 3: Drive Live Races for Respect Points

Live Races are a great source for Respect Points, especially if you consider the following:

  • Use a rare car with at least 5 stars. As an extra, you get up to +18% RP bonus per ride.
  • Use a car with unlimited freshness. You get up to +10% RP bonus per ride.
  • Use a elite car. You get up to +10% RP bonus per ride.
  • Race when one of your crew wildcards is activated. You get up to +150% RP bonus per ride.
  • Swap, means to have a win/lose Series with another racers.
  • More details on Live Races and swapping

If you follow these tips, a season with more than 1 million Respect Points is not a big deal.

4 thoughts on “Respect Points – how to earn a lot of RP”

  1. Thanks for the info. There’s no mention of not racing on the last day, in order to get double the RP at reset. I don’t understand how that works. But I know there is an 8-hour gap after end of season until reset

  2. Thanks for all the great information.
    I do have a question for whoever can answer it.
    Is there an expiration time for rewards kept in the mailbox?
    The reason why I ask is because I had like 70 thousand RP points and when I checked today they were gone. I was planning to claim the later on this weekend.
    Thank you.

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