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First Steps in CSR2 – avoid the common mistakes

Your first steps in CSR2 will confuse you.When you first start the game Jess, a nice young lady, and Jerry, a nice older gentleman, will welcome you. They show you how to race, where everything is and how to buy and improve a car.

First steps in CSR2 map

If you look around on the map you will find more race series. Ladder races, regulation races and some cup or trail races. If you look closely a the map, you will notice it is divided in to 5 sections. These sections are assigned to the different car levels (T1 – T5).

First of all you get to know the NuFangz crew. A rather rude guy welcomes you with a few swear words and then lets you race against Angel. At this point you have entered the Crew Battles.

At the beginning, take care mainly of the following CSR2 races.

  • Crew Battle
  • Crew Cup, if you are allowed to compete with your car
  • Regulation Race to earn money
  • Ladder race to earn money
  • Daily Battle to earn Gold, Keys and Fusion Parts
  • Live Races to earn RP and Keys

First steps in CSR2 Crew Battles

Your goal as a player is to beat the Crew Leader to unlock the Crew Battle of the next higher car level. The difficulty of the races you drive increases from race to race. To be successful you must upgrade your car, you will need a lot of money and many keys to get parts and fusion parts. Money, Keys and Fusions and Gold you can earn by doing the other races. Don’t spend your money on nonsense knick-knacks, you will regret it.

Never do one thing: Never sell fusion parts or stage 6 upgrades that you can’t use right now. To clarify, you will regret selling them terribly. Also never sell a car. Likewise, you will also regret this in the course of the game.

Your reward, the Crew Leader’s car

In the last race of the Crew Battle you can win the Crew Leader’s car. That’s a great thing, some of these cars are quite useful. Never try to win this race unless you are sure you can beat the leader. Test your car first to see if it can make the required time easily. You should not use the NOS upgrade for real money.

Here are the times to beat the CSR2 Crew Leader:

T1: KJ’s Rocket Bunny – 13,391s (1⁄4 mile)
T2: Ashleigh’s CLA 45 – 12.015s (1⁄4 mile)
T3: Kurtz’s Mustang HPE – 10.588s (1⁄4 mile)
T4: Victor Kidd’s Project 7 – 14,180s (1⁄2 mile)
T5: Shax’s Agera R – 11.958s (1⁄2 mile)

More times to beat

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  1. Rafael Rodriguez

    the tunes are great but are they for the cars that are fully stage 6 be nice to have an idea most of the cars i have some stage 6 but maxed out. So my question is are these tunes for maxed out cars?

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