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McLaren 720S GT3 CSR2, best tune and shift pattern

The McLaren 720S GT3 is the CSR2 Europe Series Test of Endurance ShowDown Prizecar of Season 135. The McLaren is one of the faster Cars in Tier 5

McLaren 720S GT3 Specifications

McLaren has been running a successful customer sports program since 2011. Following the MP4-12C GT3 in 2011 and the 650S GT3 in 2014, the 720 GT3 is to be the third GT3 racer from Woking to hit the racetracks of this world in 2019.

With the 720S, owners are known to have a base that already cuts a fine figure on the racetrack in stock trim. The carbon-fiber chassis ensures a low base weight and a low center of gravity. Once all the luxury interior furnishings have been stripped out, the GT racer is sure to slim down considerably.

From the first pictures, it looks like the gullwing doors hinged to the top of the roof will also make it into the racing version. This had previously only been seen on the Mercedes SLS GT3.

Also definitely on board is the 4.0-liter turbo V8 engine, which is being thoroughly reworked once again for track use. According to the FIA regulations, the output of 720 hp has to be limited to around 500 hp. The drivetrain for the GT3 model will certainly include a sequential transmission again.

Virtually all parts of the bodywork have been specially adapted for the racing version. Particularly noticeable is the large air intake in the front apron, the fat diffuser in the rear, the cut-out rear fenders and, of course, the huge bent spoiler above the central exhaust. The tailpipes sit a little further out in the series.

The price for the new McLaren 720 GT3 will be the equivalent of around 490,000 euros. Customer teams had to fork out around 375,000 euros for the predecessor.

More on the 720S GT3

The CSR2 McLaren 720S GT3

The 5 purple star 720S GT3 can fit 135 Fusion parts. So far nothing special. The McLaren should run  7.000s. To sum up, the 720S GT3 is one of the faster cars in Tier 5.

McLaren 720S GT3 tune and shift pattern

McLaren 720S GT3five purple 1 e1589951925595
NOS188 / 4.0
Tires0 / 100
Wining shift patternStart at 5.300rpm, 33mph 2nd and NOS, early perfect 3rd, rest at 8.600rpm

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