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CSR2 ShowDown Events, Season 113 Update

CSR2 ShowDown events are the latest racing events in CSR2. ShowDowns are currently the only source of Elite Parts, the new currency for customizing Legends cars. For each ShowDown event I will post here which car to use and of course announce the best tuning and shifting patterns. CSR2 Season 113 ShowDown Events CSR2 Championship…
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COPO vs Cobra Showdown, CSR2 Season 97

Copo vs Cobra Showdown, the duel of the giants In CSR2 Season 97 the Drag Strip Giants compete in a showdown event. In the eternal list of the fastest CSR2 cars, the opponents are almost equal. The COPO runs the 1/2 mile in an impressive seconds. The Cobra is even a blink of an eye…
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