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ShowDown Leagues CSR2, all you need to know

The new race format Showdown Leagues is in the starting blocks. Natural Motion is releasing it to the player community in waves, exactly like ShowDown races were some time ago. When the Beta Phase (feels like alpha though) is finished on the 14th of April 2021, the new format will be released to all players.

ShowDown Leagues explained

ShowDown Leagues builds on the ShowDown feature and records a player’s progress as a continuous score in the form of points. Players who have similar scores race against each other in a weekly Leaderboard. The top 6 players on the Leaderboard at the end of the week advance to the next league! Each Leaderboard consists of 20 players.

Does ShowDown Leagues have Seasons?

Yes, each ShowDown League Season is for a limited duration. This means that as a Player you start every Season from ZERO and have to work your way up to be successful. It also means that you only have a fixed time frame to earn enough ShowDown League Tokens for the Hero Cars.

In the first beta season you can advance through 7 different Leagues and earn Tokens to buy the three ShowDown League Hero Cars.

The Seven ShowDown Leagues

  1. Rookie
  2. Street
  3. National
  4. World
  5. Icon
  6. Champion
  7. Legend

Starting with the Rookie League, you will need to be among the Top 6 in your weekly League Leaderboard to climb up the ladder.

For every higher weekly League Leaderboard, you will have to score a minimum Number of ShowDown Points (SP) and be among the Top 6 Racers in your weekly League Leaderboard. (Requirements below)

ShowDown Points requirements

Street500 SP
National700 SP
World900 SP
Icon1100 SP
Champion1300 SP
Legend1600 SP

How to earn ShowDown Points?

Per SD Leagues Event there will be Cars that get’s boosted SP, the Boost Cars. Boost Cars are a best way to increase your progress in the SP Leagues. Using a Boost Car doubles the ShowDown Points. A Boost Icon marks the Boost Cars for each Season.

You can earn even more SP bonus % by collecting Throphy Milestones

  • 400 Trophys – adds 10% SP Boost
  • 800 Trophys – adds 15% SP Boost
  • 1200 Trophys – adds 25% SP Boost

You can also buy SP Boosts wich add 30% SP and last 4 hours – once free thereafter buyable with 50 gold. Don’t know if this resets daily or not.

Important! There is a new Points System (SP) and a new ShowDown League Token Currency (SLT) to buy Cars. Time to succeed is limited. Using Boost Cars doubles your SP Earnings.

Hero Cars – buyable with ShowDown League Tokens

  1. Toyota PandeM V1.5 GR Supra for 120 Tokens
  2. Toyota PandeM V1 GR Supra for 60 Tokens
  3. Nissan Rocket Bunny 350Z(Z33) for 30 Tokens
  4. Lamborghini SC18 for 100 Tokens
  5. Chevrolet Corvette C8.R for 150 Tokens
  6. Jaguar Project 7 for 50 Tokens
  7. KTM X-BOW GTX for 200 Tokens
  8. 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT3 for 300 Tokens
  9. Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro for 150 Tokens
  10. Mercedes AMG F1 W11 EQ Performance #77 for 500 Tokens
  11. Porsche 918 Spyder Martini Racing for 200 Tokens
  12. Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta for 150 Tokens
  13. Ferrari 488 GT Modificata for 300 Tokens

Rewards from the Leagues Promotions

Weekly Top 6 Rewards


Showdown League Tokens5
Bronze Keys100
Blue Elite Parts20
Green Elite Parts500


Showdown League Tokens10
Bronze Keys250
Blue Elite Parts50
Green Elite Parts800


Showdown League Tokens15
Bronze Keys500
Blue Elite Parts100
Green Elite Parts1.200


Showdown League Tokens20
Bronze Keys750
Yellow Elite Parts15
Red Elite Parts200


Showdown League Tokens25
Silver Keys100
Blue Elite Parts300
Green Elite Parts1.500


Showdown League Tokens35
Silver Keys200
Blue Elite Parts400
Green Elite Parts2.000


Showdown League Tokens50
Gold Keys5
Yellow Elite Parts50
Red Elite Parts300

I don’t know what AMP means, but I guess it is supposed to be Elite Parts

If I can find more Information on the ShowDown Leagues, i will update this post. So come back frequently :).

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