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ART2 – Nevada Trinity Cup CSR2, Season 158

The Nevada Trinity Cup is the third event of the American Road Trip 2 series in CSR2. It’s a regular Trinity Cup without a Prize Car. A typical Support Event.

Event Starts » Jul/18/2022Event Ends » Jul/25/2022

Season 158 – CSR2 – American Road Trip 2 – Nevada Trinity Cup

Eligible Cars – one per Manufacturer


Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport VitesseTier 57.548s
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse WRC EditionTier 57.551s


Koenigsegg Agera RSTier 57.478s
Koenigsegg Agera RSTier 57.416s


SSC Tuatara Concept World Record EditionTier 57.035s
SSC Tuatara Concept whiteTier 56.934s
SSC Tuatara Concept orangeTier 56.934s
SSC Tuatara ConceptTier 56.871s


Bronze Keys1405
Gold Keys20
Fusions Uncommon/Rare/Epic0/15/13
Stage 6 Parts4
Elite Parts Green/Blue/Red/Yellow0/100/20/0

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