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No Stage 6 Duplicates CSR2, best Strategy

No Stage 6 Duplicates CSR2, Strategy to avoid Dupes. After a good three and a half years of CSR2 experience, I have finally figured out how to make it work to be unaffected by Stage 6 Parts Duplicates.

General CSR2 dropping behavior.

  • All S6 Parts from Crates assigned to a specific car are protected from Duplicates, either by dragging or Loyalty, until you have all 7 S6 Parts in your Inventory.
  • As soon as a specific Set of 7 S6 Parts is full, more S6 Parts will be given out randomly.
  • S6 Parts, even if they are installed in another Car (with the same, shared S6 Parts) counts towards the Player’s Inventory.
  • Non-specific Crates assigned to a Tier (T4, T5 Crates) for example, are not protected from Duplicates.

No Stage 6 Duplicates – CSR2 Strategy

No Stage 6 Duplicates from CSR2 Bronze Crates. Even if you already own a full Set.

A new ShowDown starts or the next Duality Cup is coming up. Your Car is almost complete and you decide to open Bronze Crates to get the missing Parts. You’ve probably been annoyed a few times when you got a duplicate of an S6 Part you already own instead of the one you need.

So what can you do to avoid getting Stage 6 duplicates?

Stage 6 Duplicates CSR2

The Solution is as simple as it is effective. You just have to downgrade the fully built Car to Stage 5 or lower to make the S6 Parts invisible. A word of Warning: Don’t remove the S6 Parts, just refit the Car to Stage 5 or lower.

If you open Crates now, the S6 Parts are protected against Duplicates again.

If you still get Duplicates, then contact Zynga Support immediately. Often you have to be patient and ask more often, but most of the time the missing S6 Parts will be put into your inbox.

2 thoughts on “No Stage 6 Duplicates CSR2, best Strategy

  1. Markus von der Brüggen

    gilt das auch für Stufe 6 Teile in rennen gewinnt ??
    oder können die dann doppelt auftauchen??

    1. Stage 6 Parts that you are wining from races are not protected against being a duplicate, never.

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