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Ferrari FXX Evoluzione CSR2, tune and shift pattern

The Ferrari FXX Evoluzione is the CSR2 Ferrari Celebration Duality Evo Cup Prize Car of Season 144. The Ferrari is not one of the fastest Cars in Tier 5

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Specifications

The real FXX Evoluzione

The FXX was aimed not only at the play instinct but also at the expertise of its buyers. Ferrari involved them in the development of a future super sports car as the successor to the Enzo.

So the FXX at that stage was not finished. And it never really will be. Ferrari permanently incorporated Customers’ requests for changes into the development process. In terms of engine and aerodynamics, the FXX offered almost everything Ferrari had to offer in terms of technology in racing and especially in Formula 1.

The 65-degree V12 cylinder, mounted longitudinally in the center of the car, was basically derived from the Enzo. Apart from the block, however, nothing remained of this engine. Instead of 6.0 liters of displacement, a filling capacity of 6.3 liters was available.

The 485 hp at 7800 rpm became a gigantic 800 hp at 8500 rpm, and torque increased from 657 to 700 Newton meters. Ferrari achieved this additional output by completely redesigning combustion chambers with pistons and connecting rods made of extremely lightweight materials also used in Formula 1, a new cylinder head and different valve profiles. Added to this are an even lighter crankshaft and an exhaust system with extremely low backpressure.

The CSR2 FXX Evo

The 5 purple star FXX can fit 135 Fusion parts. So far nothing special. The FXX should run  7.063s. To sum up, the Ferrari is not one of the fastest cars in Tier 5.

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione tune and shift pattern

Ferrari FXX Evoluzionefive purple 1 e1589951925595
NOS188 / 4.0
Tires53 / 47
Wining shift patternStart at 4200rpm, 20mph 2nd, 3.200rpm 3rd, 4.000rpm 4th and NOS, deep good 5th, perfect 6th

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