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csr2 can You strip Legends Cars – Game play Questions

All about Building and Stripping CSR2 LegendS Cars

Did you ever tried to strip Legends Cars in CSR2? Be careful, there are some mistakes that you will regret and will cost you a lot of time and resources.

CSR2 Legends Cars, what should be considered

CSR2 Legends is an integral part of CSR2, in which you’ll be able to restore iconic and historic cars to use them for races. Unlike the regular cars, you don’t unlock the cars and then upgrade them, but you have to completely restore them before you can actually use them. Not even tuning options are available. But beware – the Legends Cars are subject to special rules when it comes to stripping and selling them.

  1. Once you have managed to fully restore a Legends Car you can strip it! But, doing so, you will loose all your Legends progress on your way to the McLaren F1 and need to restore the Car again. Keep in mind, if your Car is locked into a Event, you are not able to strip it.
  2. If you need Stage 6 parts for your cars and therefore want to strip a Legends Car, it may be advisable to restore another car of the same type. However, there is no guarantee that you will get Stage 6 parts.
  3. You can sell every Legends Car whether it’s restored or not.Whether it’s restored or not. Whether it makes sense? Definitely no! In any case, you will lose valuable in-game money and test your nerves and patience.

More on CSR2 LegendS

Where do you get Restoration Components?

To restore your CSR2 Legends Car you need so called Components. Components can be earned in the daily calendar, rare imports, and events.

How often is Izzy’s assistance?

Izzy’s Assistance is spread between 4 Events (A, B, C and D) to lock in different Legends Cars and the current Event is a repeat of Event B. This means that if you have already completed Event A then you won’t be able to participate.

CSR2 Legends Do’s and Don’ts

Always restore one Car at a time. Daily Legends Races ensure you 1100 or 900 components for the Car you’re currently restoring, therefore if you are only restoring one you have guaranteed Components every Day.
Don’t lock into Cars such as Shelby, Pontiac, Plymouth because finding Fusion Parts for them is a Nightmare. It is recommended to lock into Cars that have high Drop Rates on Fusions.

Frequently asked Questions CSR2 – Game Play Questions