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Cooling Solutions for Phones – no Overheating when you play CSR2?

Cooling solutions for phones – does your phone also always get very hot when you play CSR2? My iPhone X gets so warm that it sometimes reduces the performance so much that playing is no longer possible.

A – How to cool your Phone down

Did you try to remove your Case?

First, try removing your phone’s case. While the case itself shouldn’t be the cause of your phone overheating, it could be trapping heat. Removing it will help lower the phone’s temperature faster. Most Phones are designed for a temperature range of 0 to 35 degrees Celsius, but exposing your phone to temperatures outside of this range can have negative effects on your phone’s performance or hardware.

Do you have unnecessary apps on your phone?

Another useful way to minimize the drain on your phone’s battery and processor is to remove junk. Just delete, unnecessary files and apps that reduce your phone’s performance. Remove useless pre-installed apps to improve your phone’s performance and extend its battery life.

Have you dimmed your screens brightness?

Keeping your screen at a reasonable brightness (not full power) will not only help to reduce overheating it will also help your phone’s battery (and your eyes).

Do you need Bluetooth and GPS while Gaming?

Disabling these battery draining features will give your phone small breaks to cool down.

When did you last restart your Phone?

Restarting your phone occasionally can help prevent overheating due to minor software issues.

B – Cooling solutions for phones

If all the tips don’t bring success, then you should look for an effective cooling solution for your phone. Phones that are explicitly designed for gaming usually have an excellent cooling system, but you can upgrade most normal devices with an external solution.

Phone coolers are peripherals – mainly designed for mobile gamers, and predominantly using heat sink technology – that can keep your handset ice cold when it would normally be warm.

You can buy one on Amazon for fairly cheap, and it should last you a long time, so it could be a good investment if phone overheating is a common problem for you.

Recommended Phone Coolers

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