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csr2 how to get The Prestige Cup Car – Game play Questions

CSR2 How to get the Prestige Cup Car

In the CSR2 article, how to get the Prestige Cup Car, the main goal is to show you how to have the right car ready season after season.

What is the CSR2 Prestige Cup?

CSR2 Legends is an integral part of CSR2, in which you’ll be able to restore iconic and historic cars to use them for races. Unlike the regular cars, you dThe CSR2 Prestige Cup is one of several bi-weekly recurring events. The Prestige Cup starts on the first Thursday of each season and ends on the Thursday of the following week. This marks the beginning of the next season. The day after, on Friday, the Prestige Cup car is unlocked.

Pull the Prestige Cup Car with Silver Keys

The Prestige Cup car can be purchased using silver keys in Rare Imports. To be sure you need 750 silver keys. Each Crate costs 50 keys and if you are very unlucky you have to pull 15 times to get the Prestige Cup car as a Loyalty Reward. That’s how to get the Prestige Cup Car.

  • Once you have the car, stop pulling
  • If you don’t have 750 Silver Keys or are unable to reach 750 before the Season ends, leave the Cup out so you can safely get it next season.

How to – Stage 6 and Fusion Parts for the Prestige Cup Car

  1. Do not buy any Bronze Crates until at least after the Crew Cup on the day after the Prestige Cup started to increase your chance of a non-duplicate Stage 6 Part from the Crew Cup.
  2. Try not to open Bronze Crates before race 28. The more Stage 6 you already have, the more likely it is that you get a duplicate.
  3. Open the first free Bronze Crate early on the first day. This will give you 3 free Bronze Crates instead of 2.
  4. If you have duplicate PC Cars, strip them. Perhaps you’ll get some Stage 6 Parts and don’t need to buy Bronze Crates.
  5. Loyalty Rewards for Bronze Crates is carried over to the next season. So if you don’t need them, it’s better not to buy up to level 6 so you can get them next season.

Even more information about the Prestige Cup and the upcoming Prestige Cup Cars can be found here

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