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Lotus Emira CSR2, best tune and shift pattern

The Lotus Emira is the CSR2 Milestone Car of Season 136. The Lotus is not one of the faster Cars in Tier 4

Lotus Emira Specifications

The real Emira

The Emira is the last Lotus with pure combustion engines to make its debut on July 6, 2021. As the successor to no less than two Lotus models, the sports car gets four- and six-cylinder engines. That’s the price of the British beacon of hope.

The name Lotus still triggers tingles among the lead-foot faction and the cars are legendary – the Lotus Emira at a price starting at just under 72,000 euros is to add another chapter to this. As ingenious as the Elise is, even the simplest sports car concept eventually wears out and therefore needs a few fresh cells.

Only the engine in the Emira is an old acquaintance. For the starting grid, the Brit:ins adopt the 3.5-liter V6, which they buy from Toyota as they did for the Exige and Evora. Instead of the previous 1.8 liter, however, they are now installing a new four-cylinder, supplied by none other than AMG.

Previously mounted in the front of the A-Class & Co, the turbo in the Emira now moves to the rear and takes its dual clutch with it.

The power range is likely to be around 360 to 400 hp, maximum torque is said to peak at 430 Newton meters and enable a sprint time of less than 4.5 seconds. As a top speed, Lotus holds out the prospect of more than 290 km/h.

Without Geely’s money and the help of a few full-throttle enthusiasts, the brand’s relaunch would hardly have succeeded, but the Brits are ensuring the survival of another sports car brand: Renault is building the next generation of the Alpine based on the Lotus Emira.

More on the Lotus Emira

The CSR2 Lotus Emira

The 5 yellow star Lotus can fit 91 Fusion parts. So far nothing special. The Emira should run  10.328s. To sum up, the Lotus is not one of the faster cars in Tier 4.

Lotus Emira tune and shift pattern

Lotus Emirafive yellow 1 e1589951912868
NOS188 / 4.0
Tires53 / 47
Wining shift patternPerfect start, immediately 2nd, 2.800rpm 3rd and NOS when needle dropped to 2.000rpm, rest perfect shifts
Lotus Emirafive purple 1 e1589951925595
NOS188 / 4.0
Tires53 / 47
Wining shift patternGood start (little left of green), immediately 2nd, 2.800rpm 3rd and NOS when needle dropped to 2.000rpm, rest perfect shifts

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