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Elite Tuners Events CSR2, all you need to know

The Elite Tuners CSR2 Events started with Dress to Impress and Dress to Impress Evolution in Season 116, more Chapters and Events will follow. New Events and Cups first.

Elite Tuners Cars (Until Mar. 2023)

  • Toyota GR Supra
  • 2017 Nissan GT-R (R35)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
  • Subaru WRX STI
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Finale Edition
  • Lexus LC500
  • Subaru BRZ
  • Honda S2000
  • Mazda RX-7
  • Toyota Supra MK4
  • Ford Mustang GT
  • 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Elite Tuners Events and Cups

Weekly Elite Cup

The weekly Elite Cup is much like a Crew Cup, you must work together as a crew to secure the prizes.

Cash520 000
Bronze Keys275
Uncommon Fusions3
Rare Fusions3
Epic Fusions3
Green Elite Parts600
Blue Elite Parts200
Red Elite Parts100
Yellow Elite Parts15
Elite Currency500

There is a total of 900 races to complete, 8 races per person per day. So with 30 crew members that’s 240 races per day.

If every race is won, the crew needs 4 days to complete the cup.

Chapter 5 – The Last Stand

Elite Tuners - The last Stand

CSR2 ET Chapter 5 starts in Season 137. The eligible Car is the Toyota Supra Mk4

Slot 1
Toyota Supra Mk4
Tier 5

Sub Events

  1. The Last Stand
  2. The Last Stand Evolution

Chapter 4 – Fortune Favors The Brave

Elite Tuners - Fortune Favors The Brave

CSR2 Elite Tuners Chapter 4 starts in Season 133. The eligible Car is the Subaru BRZ tS

Slot 1
Subaru BRZ tS
Tier 5

Sub Events

  1. Fortune favors the Brave
  2. Fortune favors the Brave Evolution

Chapter 3 – Sound of the Underground

Elite Tuners CSR2 - Sound of the Underground

CSR2 ET Chapter 3 starts in Season 122. The eligible Cars are the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X and the Subaru WRX STi (both ET – Tier 4)

Slot 1 (Race 1)Slot 2 (Race 35)
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO XSubaru WRX STi
Tier 4Tier 4

Sub Events

  1. Sound of the Underground
  2. Sound of the Underground Evolution

You need more information? Read all about Chapter 3 and tunes and shift patterns for both cars

Chapter 2 – King of the Modstars

Elite Tuners CSR2 - King of the Modstars

CSR2 ET Chapter 2 started in Season 118. The eligible Cars are the 2017 Nissan GT-R and the Nissan Skyline GT-R (both ET – Tier 5)

Slot 1 (Race 1)Slot 2 (Race 35)
2017 Nissan GT-RNissan Skyline GT-R
Tier 5Tier 5

Sub Events

  1. King of the Modstars
  2. King of the Modstars Evolution

You need more information? Read all about Chapter 2 and tunes and shift patterns for both cars

Chapter 1 – Dress to Impress

Elite Tuners CSR2 - Dress to Impress

CSR2 Elite Tuners Chapter 2 started in Season 116. The eligible Car for the Dress to Impress Events ist the Tier 5 Toyota GR Supra that you get for free in the Trials of Tashimi X.

Eligible Car
Toyota Supra GR
Tier 5

Sub Events

  1. Trials of Sashimi X where you win the Toyota Supra GR
  2. Dress to Impress
  3. Dress to Impress Evolution

You need more information? Read all about Chapter 1 and tunes and shift pattern for the Toyota GR Supra

More on the Elite Tuners Series & All Elite Tuners Cars

CSR2 Season Schedule, Prestige Cup and ShowDown Events

32 thoughts on “Elite Tuners Events CSR2, all you need to know

  1. How is reaching level 25 costing only 2253 when level 20 alone cost 1700. I believe at least one previous level was 1200. Really???

  2. Hi, what is “Chapter 2 Community Giveaway” and how do I access the event to get the Nissan Skyline?

    1. Why am I not able to buy any more green tokens in the event store? It stopped allowing me after the first couple 1000 I bought with my tickets…. seems impossible to progress like this

  3. You expect me to do the online showdowns to earn these blue elite credits with a peice of shiet lambo and get my butt whoped each time to end up getting 10 when i need 400….. Bro give me a fair chance this is honestly dumb i cant even move on in the dress to impress ecent without upgrading the car and now i have to go and try to race people that already have these cars moddes out when myn lambo is stock….. So more gas and money i have to waste on a car i give 0 F’s about just to get these credits even though the even is revolved around the supra!!!!!! Make it whers i can earn the proper amount that i need in the dress to impress even! This is ultimately the stupidest thing u have done. There is no rank system in this showdoen even my lambo runs a 15 sec and im vs people who run 9sec!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no but wait there participation points thank god…… No no wait i have to waste 80 gas to get 20 of the 1200 blue credits i need…… Dumb event useless game yall just want money and i cant even pay my way through this bc u cant even by but three set of the blue credits. Heres a tip if u want more consestent new players dont make ur game impossible!!!! Would love to hear what you have to say bc i love excusses.

    1. Hey Cody, like you I am just a CSR2 player, I have nothing to do with the company behind CSR2.

      And yes, I can understand your frustration. When I first started CSR2 I was often so annoyed that I didn’t touch the game for days and almost uninstalled it.

      The only tip I have for you is to be patient. Without patience you won’t get anywhere in CSR2 unless you invest huge amounts of real money.

      Sorry I can’t help you any better.

    2. Your best bet is to complete all 500 races for each showdown no matter how bad your car is…Even fully maxed cars get stuck on a certain milestone and then keep losing.
      We all face what you are saying but it’s just a matter of sticking with it. It takes years to be in a good position as well as to know what you are doing. That’s what makes it fun.
      Good luck.

    3. Even if your car sucks you can race and get the milestone rewards which amounts to way more than the trophy rewards it just takes a lot of grinding but you get a ton

  4. G’day,
    Are these elite token totals cumulative or per section?
    I reckon I’ll put off making the Supra elite 25 in favour of the R-35 to get the red tokens from King Evo if the figures add up.

    1. Hey Kent, the elite tokens are not summed up for all three cars (I guess there will be more cars with the next update). Unfortunately you have to spend 30430 greens, 10150 blues, 4650 reds and 200 yellow one for each car. Pretty hard work. I managed to max the Toyota and am at level 30 with the other two.

      1. Thanks mate. I was a bit vague. I meant the tally for each car, ie, does it take 4650 red tokens to get the Skyline from level 30 to 35 or only 4150 given that it that 500 reds to get up to level 30.

        1. I’m exactly where you are regarding the elite status of these three cars….Wondering if I should make the Supra Lv 35 or the GT-R so I can first win the red tokens in King Evo before bothering with the Supra.

        2. You are welcome. Ok, now I get what you are asking for. To get the Skyline (or any other Elite Tuners Car) from 30 to 35 you’ll need 4150 more red tokens (4650 are needed to get from 0 to 35). I changed the headlines of the Token Tables above, hope that makes it clearer. Thanks for your input, sometimes I write exactly what I think and don’t even consider if it is understandable for a reader.

          1. Thanks mate…I appreciate your efforts….been referring to your page for a while now.

  5. The prize car of king of modstar event is the R34? Wtf is the point in buying one in order to win one?

    1. I believe you only get the free one if your crew makes 1.5 million mods to the GT-R (R 35). Apart from that you’ll have to buy it.

  6. I’m stuck on race 35 for King of Modstars. It keeps telling me to pick a second car but I cannot. I already have the 17 GTR R35

    1. Sorry to read that mate, you should contact support. But wait, there are 2 versions of the 0217 Nissan GT-R one is Tier 4 and the one you need is T5.

  7. unless you have $200+ to throw at this game, or just want to wait 6 months at a time to get enough blue tokens, then this game is an absolute waste of your time. You genuinely cant get anywhere without spending massive amounts of real money

  8. Eder Lucio de Castro

    Esse evento Elite Tuners tem uma data prevista para expirar? Ou será como o evento Legends que não expira?

    1. Translation: Does this Elite Tuners event have an expiration date? Or is it like the “Legends” event that doesn’t expire?

      Answer: So I’m not sure. If you have finished an event, I have finished the Dress to Impress Chapter (both Events), it disappears with 2.18 Upgrade.
      Translation: Portanto, não tenho a certeza. Se tiver terminado um evento, eu terminei o capítulo “Dress to Impress” (ambos os eventos), ele desaparece com 2.18 Actualização

  9. How to get the Toyota Supra for the event The Last Stand? Not GR Supra nor MK4, just Toyota Supra.

  10. I have a question about elite tuners event hub. What happens after you purchase everything in the elite tuner event hub store? Does CSR2 restock it with more stuff?

    1. You have to maxed out 8 cars like the Mitsubishi Lancer in the elite custom List and as a reward you get the toyota supra

  11. I’ve had a ghost player on my crew for 8 months. Zynga keeps saying no worries. I don’t believe they have any ability to take corrective action. It’s tough enough to compete with other crews with 30 members, much less 29. it’s hard to keep up moral when the other crew members know it’s a defective crew. No worries for Zynga though :(.

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