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Aston Martin Victor CSR2, tune and shift pattern

The Aston Martin Victor is the CSR2 “The Art of Elegance” Event Prize Car of Season 137. The Aston is one of the fastest Cars in Tier 5

Aston Martin Victor Specifications

The real Victor

Money isn’t everything in life. Maybe it’s true that filthy lucre alone doesn’t make you happy, but it’s definitely easier to cry behind the wheel of the Aston Martin Victor. An unknown Aston Martin customer has had this gem built up by special ops “Q”, and by our standards it lands pretty close to sports car perfection.

The Brits sculpted the dramatic body from carbon fiber, and every detail from the taillights to the sidepipes is eye-catching. Design inspiration comes from the 1970s V8 Vantage and the Le Mans racer DBS V8 RHAM/1. The Victor takes the carbon monocoque and its 7.3-liter V12 engine from the One-77, though not directly, because Cosworth still has something to say about propulsion, raising the output from 750 hp and just as many Newton meters of torque to 836 hp and 821 Newton meters. A manual six-speed transmission portions out the enormous power; all the power goes to the rear wheels. All in all, this one-off is no less than the most powerful manual Aston Martin of all time.

The fact that the Victor is not street legal is only a small consolation for our envy-ridden minds. Anyone who has such a car specially built probably has their own race track. There, the Victor can let off steam with the Vulcan’s adjustable spring/damper package. For this, the driver grips a sawn-on Formula 1-style steering wheel while being enveloped by leather, cashmere, walnut wood, carbon and anodized aluminum. The wooden gear knob with the open gear shift gate is also a special gem.

The CSR2 Aston Martin Victor

The 5 purple star Victor can fit 135 Fusion parts. So far nothing special. The Aston should run 6.875s. To sum up, the Aston Martin Victor is one of the fastest cars in Tier 5.

Aston Martin Victor tune and shift pattern

Aston Martin Victorfive purple 1 e1589951925595
NOS188 / 4.0
Tires53 / 47
Wining shift patternPerfect start, immediately 2nd, 2.800rpm NOS, rest perfect shifts

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