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Ford Mustang Boss 302 CSR2, best tune and shift pattern

The Ford Mustang Boss 302 is a CSR 2 Legends Car. The Mustang at Elite Lvl 50 is one of the fastest cars in Tier 1.

Advice: Don’t buy the 302 Mustang. You get gifted a free fully upgraded one once unlocking Elite Legends Customs. It is a 0 Star Car not a 1 Star Car with you can buy. The free 0 Star Car is much faster once at Elite Level 50.

Ford Mustang Boss 302 specifications

The real Mustang Boss 302

The Ford Mustang Boss 302 was designed as a race car for the road. With the facelift of 1968, the Ford Mustang grew from a pony car to a real muscle car. In 1969 came the Mustang Boss 302, which could do something completely unknown at that time: Turn and shred around the curves like a race car. Actually, the ’69 Mustang Boss 302 should come with a warning label: Not suitable for novice drivers!

Leisurely cruising is done with other cars. The springs in the Boss are harder, the strut domes reinforced, the rear rigid axle has two shock absorbers per side. In addition, Ford offered extras like a short-ratio transmission and a limited-slip differential. The highlight is the 4.9-liter V8 small-block with about 290 horsepower. Not because it has an exorbitant amount of power. But because it is rev-happy up to 6150 rpm and revs easily into these regions! This classic Mustang races from 0 to 100 in 9.2 seconds, the top speed is beyond 200 km/h. To sum up, it’s best not to make any driving mistakes.

The Boss 302 is a challenge

If you want to hold your own behind the wheel, you’ll have to reach down hard and change gears quickly. The ideal territory for the Boss 302 is winding country roads with lots of curves. Every time it accelerates out of a corner, it can roar into an inferno of revs to its heart’s content.

The first gear is long. This is followed by three more that are surprisingly close together. The Hurst shift lever should be used with a knowing hand. Rule of thumb: The more often, the better. The reason for turning the Mustang’s nasty side inside out was the popularity of the U.S. circuit championship Trans Am at the end of the 1960s. 1628 Boss 302s emerged for homologation.

More about the BOSS

The CSR2 Ford Mustang Boss 302

The 3 yellow star Mustang can fit 39 Fusion parts. So far nothing special. The Mustang should run 11.551s. To sum up, the Boss 302 is one of the fastest cars in Tier 1.

Legends All Seasons

Ford Mustang Boss 302 tune and shift pattern

Ford Mustang Boss 302 Elite Lvl 0 no star 1 e1589951888276
NOS182 / 4.1
Tires0 / 100
Wining shift patternStart at 5.200rpm, 6.800rpm 2nd, 6.800rpm 3rd and NOS, 7.000rpm 4th
Ford Mustang Boss 302 Elite Lvl 50 three yellow 1 e1589951853559
NOS222 / 3.4
Tires0 / 100
Wining shift patternStart at 5400rpm, 14mph 2nd, 42mph 3rd, 5900rpm NOS while in 3rd, 96mph 4th.

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    1. So, if your Boss 302 only has 3 gears, then you need to have the transmission replaced by support

  1. You need to start with a zero-star car. The pattern doesn’t work right if you built a one- or two-star car to Elite Lvl 50.

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