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Alpine A110 CSR2, best tune and shift pattern

The Alpine A110 is the CSR2 Prestige Cup Car of Season 80. The 3 yellow star Alpine is one of the faster cars in Tier 2.

Alpine A110 Specifications

The real A110

2017 the Première Edition of the Alpine A110 was launched, 2 equipment variants of the French sports car completed the range.

At a price starting at 55,300 Euros, the A110 Pure combines the high-quality interior of the Première Edition with a particularly low weight. It is aimed increasingly at the passionate driver who cannot get enough of winding mountain roads.

With the A110 Légende, available from 59,200 Euros, the French are bringing a further variant with its own unique character. Here, the focus was on combining agility and long-distance comfort. The standard equipment includes six-way lightweight seats from Sabelt, which are covered with leather. Carbon elements in a glossy look additionally refine the interior. There are three further options for the exterior colors: Blanc Irisé, Bleu Abysse and Gris Tonnerre enrich the existing color palette of Bleu Alpine and Noir Profond.

The technology is identical for all variants. 252 hp from a powerful four-cylinder engine, a fast-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, rear-wheel drive and from 1103 kilograms unladen weight are optimum ingredients for lots of driving pleasure. The Alpine A110 of modern times can sprint to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, and the drive only ends at a regulated 250 km/h.

More on the Alpine

CSR2 A110

The Alpine can fit 60 Fusion parts, so far nothing special. The best 1/4 mile time for the A110 is 8.518s.

Alpine A110 tune and shift pattern

Alpine A110three yellow 1 e1589951853559
NOS363 / 4.0
Tires0 / 100
Wining shift patternPerfect start, immediately 2nd, 3rd early perfect, 6500rpm 4th and NOS, rest early perfect shift

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2 thoughts on “Alpine A110 CSR2, best tune and shift pattern

  1. I tried this pattern but i think it isn’t the best.
    For me the best is:
    – NoS: 290/6.4
    – Transmission: 2.00
    – Tires: 0/100

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