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Bugatti Centodieci CSR2, tune and shift pattern

The Bugatti Centodieci is the Prize Car of the Bugatti 110 ans: The grand final event. There are two versions of the Bugatti, a blue one and the white one.

Centodieci specifications

The real Centodieci

The Centodieci is a street-legal super sports car of the French car manufacturer Bugatti Automobiles. In a word, one of the most exclusive manufacturers. The vehicle is based on the Bugatti Chiron. Bugatti presented in August 2019 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It is limited to ten units. All of them where already sold at the presentation day. The purchase price, excluding taxes, is 8 million euros. In fact, one of the most expensive cars ever.

Centodieci is the Italian term for the number 110. The name of the car was chosen on the occasion of Bugatti’s 110th birthday. It is also a tribute to the Bugatti EB110 built between 1991 and 1995, which the shape of the Centodieci reminds us of.

The eight-liter W16 mid-engine produces 73 kW (100 hp) more than in the Chiron or Divo. An additional air intake allows the temperature of the performance-enhanced engine to continue to be reliably regulated. As in the Divo, the top speed is electronically limited to 380 km/h. The Centodieci is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds, it reaches 200 km/h after 6.1 seconds and 300 km/h after 13.1 seconds. Among other things, lighter windscreen wipers and stabilizers made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic make the Centodieci 20 kg lighter than the Chiron.

CSR2 Centodieci

The purple star Bugatti can fit 135 Fusion parts, so far nothing special. It should run 7.069s.

Bugatti Centodieci CSR2 tune and shift pattern

Bugatti Centodieci whiteBugatti Centodieci CSR2, tune and shift pattern
NOS473 / 4.0
Tires0 / 100
Wining shift patternGood start (right of green), good to 2nd and NOS, good to 3rd, perfect into 4th, late good into 5th and 6th, perfect into 7th
Bugatti Centodieci blueBugatti Centodieci CSR2, tune and shift pattern
NOS473 / 4.0
Tires0 / 100
Wining shift patternPerfect start, 2nd deep good, 3rd early perfect & NOS, rest deep good or early perfect shifts

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