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Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny CSR2, best tune and shift pattern

The Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny is the CSR2 Milestone Car of Season 35. The RX-7 is one of the faster Cars in Tier 4

Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny Specifications

The real Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny

In the world of automotive customization and tuning, certain names stand out as symbols of bold creativity and unbridled enthusiasm. One such name is “Rocket Bunny.” This article explores the remarkable fusion of style and speed that is the Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny, a true masterpiece born from the passion and artistry of Kei Miura, the mind behind Rocket Bunny.

A Legend Reimagined

The Mazda RX-7, an iconic sports car known for its sleek design and rotary engine, has earned a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts around the world. The third-generation RX-7, known as the FD, is perhaps the most beloved of them all. Its timeless design and impressive performance made it a prime candidate for customization and tuning.

Kei Miura, a visionary in the automotive world, saw the potential of the RX-7 FD and decided to give it a unique and distinctive makeover. Miura is the founder of Rocket Bunny, a company renowned for its wide-body kits and custom designs that have left an indelible mark on the tuning scene.

The Rocket Bunny Treatment

The Rocket Bunny RX-7 is a work of art, a carefully crafted blend of aesthetics and performance. Miura’s vision for the RX-7 was to accentuate its curvaceous lines and give it a more aggressive and striking appearance. To achieve this, he created a comprehensive wide-body kit that extends the car’s fenders, flares the arches, and enhances the overall stance.

The RX-7 Rocket Bunny kit includes wider front and rear fenders, a front lip spoiler, and a pronounced rear wing. The additional width not only improves the car’s visual appeal but also provides space for larger, wider wheels and tires, contributing to improved grip and handling.

The result is a car that exudes a menacing and race-inspired look while staying true to the RX-7’s original design. The Rocket Bunny kit doesn’t just make the RX-7 look more aggressive; it enhances its aerodynamics, ensuring that it remains planted on the road at high speeds.

Unleashing the Wankel Engine

The Mazda RX-7 FD came equipped with the legendary rotary engine, a unique powerplant known for its high-revving nature and distinctive sound. Kei Miura understood the importance of preserving this iconic engine while enhancing its performance. The Rocket Bunny RX-7 doesn’t just focus on aesthetics; it’s a car built to conquer the track.

Under the hood, the rotary engine receives a boost in power thanks to a carefully calibrated tuning process. The Rocket Bunny RX-7 features an upgraded exhaust system and improved engine management, allowing the rotary engine to produce more horsepower and torque. The result is a car that not only looks the part but can deliver an exhilarating driving experience.

A Perfect Balance

One of the key strengths of the Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny is the balance it strikes between form and function. The wide-body kit, with its flared fenders and bold lines, doesn’t just make the car look stunning; it also serves a practical purpose. The wider stance and enhanced aerodynamics provide superior handling and stability.

The Rocket Bunny RX-7 is a car that commands attention wherever it goes. It’s a head-turner, a conversation starter, and a true reflection of the owner’s passion for automotive art. The custom design and meticulous craftsmanship that go into each Rocket Bunny build ensure that no two cars are alike, making each one a unique masterpiece.

Inside the Cockpit

The Rocket Bunny treatment isn’t limited to the exterior of the RX-7; the interior is also subject to enhancements. Miura and his team believe that the driving experience should be as thrilling on the inside as it is on the outside.

The interior of the Rocket Bunny RX-7 is a reflection of the car’s performance-focused nature. It features a driver-centric cockpit with sporty bucket seats, a custom steering wheel, and unique trim elements that set it apart from the stock RX-7. The attention to detail and the choice of materials ensure that the interior exudes the same level of quality and craftsmanship as the exterior.

The Rocket Bunny Experience

Owning a Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny isn’t just about driving a customized car; it’s about being part of an exclusive community of automotive enthusiasts who share a passion for style and speed. The Rocket Bunny brand has a dedicated following, and events and gatherings provide owners with the opportunity to showcase their unique creations and connect with like-minded individuals.

The Rocket Bunny RX-7 represents the freedom of automotive expression. It’s a canvas upon which owners can imprint their personality and vision, resulting in a car that is a true reflection of their tastes and preferences.


The Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny is a symbol of the creative spirit and passion that define the world of automotive customization. It pays homage to the iconic RX-7 FD while pushing the boundaries of design and performance.

Kei Miura’s vision and the meticulous craftsmanship of the Rocket Bunny team have resulted in a car that is both visually striking and dynamically capable. The Rocket Bunny RX-7 captures the essence of automotive art, where form and function come together to create a masterpiece on wheels.

For those who appreciate the art of automotive customization and the thrill of high-performance driving, the Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny is a dream come true. It’s a reminder that the automotive world is not just about transportation; it’s a canvas for creative expression, and the Rocket Bunny RX-7 is a true work of art that showcases the boundless possibilities of automotive customization.

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The Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny in CSR2

There are there versions of this car in CSR2.

  1. With all S5 parts and Fusion parts, the 5 yellow star RX-7 Rocket Bunny goes half a mile in 12.741s. Fully maxed in 10.482s, of course only if you shift perfectly.
  2. The purple star Easter Event version is a bit slower 10.599s, unlike the most purple starred cars.
  3. The purple star version is a bit slower 10.599s, unlike the most purple starred cars.

Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny CSR2 tune and shift pattern

Rocket Bunny Mazda RX-7 @Elite Lvl 0five yellow 1
NOS355 / 5.1
Tires0 / 100
Wining shift patternStart at about 5.000rpm, hit NOS immediately after launch, and deep good/perfect shifts
Rocket Bunny Mazda RX-7 @Elite Lvl 50five yellow 1 e1589951912868
NOS367 / 4.7
Tires0 / 100
Wining shift patternWheelspin start at 4.100rpm - 4.200rpm, immediately NOS, rest perfect shifts
Rocket Bunny Mazda RX-7 Easterfive purple 1
NOS363 / 5.2
Tires6 / 94
Wining shift patternStart at 3900rpm, deep good 2nd (47mph) then NOS, rest perfect shifts
Rocket Bunny Mazda RX-7five purple 1
NOS365 / 5.1
Tires0 / 100
Wining shift patternWheelspin start at 4.300 rpm and NOS, rest perfect shifts

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2 thoughts on “Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny CSR2, best tune and shift pattern

  1. David Nicholas (OMEGA purple)

    I have the gold star RB RX7 maxed, the time I’m getting with the posted tune on the dyno is only 10.264.

    1. Hi David, absolute correct. The dyno is 10.264s, but with the correct shift pattern your Mazda will beat the dyno time and make the 1/2 mile in about 9.6xxs to 9.7xxs. I needed to practice the pattern a lot.

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