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KTM X-Bow R CSR2, best tune and shift pattern

The KTM X-Bow R is the CSR2 Prestige Cup Car of Season 54.

Obviously, the KTM X-Bow R is not one of the faster cars in Tier 5.

KTM X-Bow R SPecifications

The real KTM X-Bow R

In2011 , KTM is upgrading the X-Bow with an R version and planting Audi’s two-liter TFSI under the hood. The Audi S3 already has 265 hp, while the X-Bow R is said to have 300 horses that relentlessly propel the two-seater forward. 400 Newton meters of torque should be enough to accelerate the car to 100 km/h in less than four seconds, stopping at 240 km/h. The engine in the X-Bow R will also be equipped with a new engine. For this purpose, the engine in the X-Bow R is lowered closer to the asphalt, which further improves roadholding.

In addition, two new equipment packages are designed to optimize the X-Bow for the needs of customers: The Sport package sharpens up the racer for the road, while the Race package is intended to provide even more dynamics on the racetrack thanks to new components. Both are also available for the current models. The X-Bow R is currently making its rounds at the Nürburgring for tuning tests – KTM has not yet revealed when it will actually be available and what it will cost. What is clear is that with a base price of 55,000 euros for the “normal” X-Bow, customers will have to dig deeper into their pockets for the R version.

More on the KTM X-Bow R

The CSR2 X-Bow R

The 4 yellow star KTM can fit 110 Fusion parts. So far nothing special. The X-Bow should run  [table-cell id=5 cell=G288 /]s. To sum up, the X-Bow R is not one of the faster cars in Tier 5.

KTM X-Bow R tune and shift pattern

KTM X-BOW Rfour yellow 1 e1589951896601
NOS331 / 7.6
Tires14 / 86
Wining shift patternPerfect start, 6.200rpm 2nd, 6.200rpm 3rd little later NOS, rest deep good shifts
KTM X-BOW Rfour purple 1 e1589951904582
NOS350 / 7.5
Tires12 / 88
Wining shift patternPerfect start, early (just before good) 2nd, early 3rd then NOS, rest deep good shifts

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