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Ginetta Akula CSR2, best tune and shift pattern

The Ginetta Akula is a Best of British Event Car of Season 90. The Akula is one of the faster Cars in Tier 5.

The 5 yellow star Ginetta Akula is a Duality Cup Car of Season 122. The Akula is one of the faster Cars in Tier 5.

Ginetta Akula Specifications

Real life Akula

Ginetta has chosen a carbon fiber chassis as the basis for the Akula.
The body of the Akula is also made of the same noble and lightweight material. A longitudinally mounted V8 engine powers the Ginetta Akula, installed in front of the two passengers as a front-mid engine.

Ginetta claims an output of over 600 hp. The maximum torque is said to be 700 Nm. The Akula can be shifted with a sequential six-speed gearbox. A carbon cardan shaft drives exclusively the rear wheels. Since Ginetta traditionally focuses on lightweight construction, it is hardly surprising that the new supercar weighs only 1,150 kilograms dry. Obviously a lightweight car. The Brits state that the axle load distribution is 49% at the front and 51% on the rear axle.

When it comes to the chassis, the Akula supercar relies on racing technology. Pushrod suspensions with fully adjustable spring elements are used all around. The Ginetta wears 19-inch alloy wheels at the front and 20-inch rims at the rear. The tires are 275/35ZR19 at the front and 305/30ZR20 at the rear. Behind the center lock rims, a carbon ceramic brake system provides stopping power.

The driver and front passenger sit in carbon seating shells molded directly into the monocoque. But the Ginetta Supercar can also handle everyday life. The trunk holds a whopping 675 liters of luggage. In addition to ABS and traction control, the equipment includes a rearview camera, heated front and rear windows, parking sensors, automatic headlights, air conditioning and an inductive charging cradle for cell phones.

Ginetta state to build only 20 examples of the Ginetta Akula in the first year of production (2020). Ginetta quotes a price of around 400,000 pounds – the equivalent of around 465,000 euros.

The CSR2 Akula

The 5 purple star Ginetta can fit 135 Fusion parts. So far nothing special. The Akula should run 7.315s. To sum up, the Akula is obviously one of the faster cars in Tier 5.

Best of BritishSeason 74
Duality Cup Season 122

Ginetta Akula tune and shift pattern

Ginetta Akulafive yellow 1 e1589951912868
NOS223 / 4.3
Tires52 / 48
Wining shift patternPerfect start, 30mph 2nd, 8.000rpm 3rd and NOS, rest shifts at 8.000rpm
Ginetta Akulafive purple 1 e1589951925595
NOS473 / 5.6
Tires0 / 100
Wining shift patternGood start (little left of green), 7.500rpm 2nd, 7.500rpm 3rd, 6500rpm NOS, deep good 4th, 7600rpm 5th, 7600rpm 6th

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