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Garret’s Rod Shop Plymouth Barracuda Hemi-S CSR2, best tune and shift pattern

The Garret’s Rod Shop Plymouth Barracuda Hemi-S is used in the CSR2 New York Duality Cup available in June/July 2020 and had a 10x drop rate from Gold boxes.

Garret’s Rod Shop Plymouth Barracuda Hemi-S specifications

The real Plymouth Barracuda “Hemi-S”

Owned by Byron Spade from Columbus, the Barracuda, had been sitting around for a few years — a casualty of the Great Recession. Garret and Byron were underway with a 1964 Nova build, but saw the Barracuda and said: “That’s badass, let’s switch gears and finish that first!”

The Barracuda is a custom built car from Garret’s Rod Shop. The basis for the Hemi-S is a second generation Plymouth Barracuda from 1969, powered by a 6.1 litre Hemi engine. This ensures that everything remains Mopar. A Magnuson compressor gives the powerful engine additional power. Individual coil covers and other accessories matching the blower complete the picture in the engine compartment. With an estimated 600 HP, Garret’s Rod Shop Barracuda has enough power to burn the streets. Next up, they added a Tremec, manual six-speed gearbox, a 2.5-inch stainless exhaust system from Flowmaster, a 9-inch Strange rear axle as the chassis began to take shape.  Lastly, the HEMI-S rolls on Billet Specialties wheels (18×8 up front, 20×10 in the rear) with big gumball, Falken Azenis rubber all the way around.

Garret’s Rod Shop presented the Hemi’s 2019 to the public at the SEMA. What a beautiful car. It’s a pity that it is a unique piece.

More about the Hemi-S

The CSR2 Garret’s Rod Shop Plymouth Barracuda Hemi-S

The yellow star Barracuda can fit 128 Fusion parts. So far nothing special. The Plymouth should run 7.336s. To sum up, the Hemi’s occupies a place in the T5 midfield.

Duality CupSeason 105
Baltimore MIA ShowDownSeason 106
San José Duality Cup Season 157
Los Angeles Event Season 157

Garret’s Rod Shop Plymouth Barracuda Hemi-S tune and shift pattern

Garret’s Rod Shop Plymouth Barracuda five yellow 1 e1589951912868
NOS 235 / 5.0
Transmission 2.18
Tires 0 / 100
Wining shift pattern Perfect start, 7.200rpm 2nd and NOS, rest shift at 7.200rpm
Time 7.336s

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