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CSR2 Season 120 and before – archive of ShowDowns

Archive of CSR2 Season 120 and before. If you are looking for Information about current CSR2 Season ShowDown Event, please check here CSR2 Season 120 ShowDown Events CSR2 Championship SD Season 120, fastest cars The Ferrari F8 Spider will dominate the CSR2 Championship SD of Season 120. # Car 1/2 Mile Time #1 Ferrari F8…
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McLaren 720S GT3 CSR2, tune and shift pattern

The McLaren 720S GT3 is the CSR2 Europe Series Test of Endurance ShowDown Prizecar of Season 135. The McLaren is one of the faster Cars in Tier 5 720S GT3 Specifications McLaren has been running a successful customer sports program since 2011. Following the MP4-12C GT3 in 2011 and the 650S GT3 in 2014, the…
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CSR2 ShowDown Events, Season 142 Update

CSR2 ShowDown events are the latest racing events in CSR2. ShowDowns are currently the only source of Elite Parts, the new currency for customizing Legends cars. For each ShowDown event I will post here which car to use and of course announce the best tuning and shifting patterns CSR2 Season 142 ShowDown Events CSR2 Championship…
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