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Different Types of Races in CSR2

There are multiple types of races in CSR2. Some of them are Solo Races where you will drive against virtual opponents, others are Multiplayer Races where you compete with other players.

Solo Races in CSR2

Regulation Races are easy races where you don’t earn much, but as long as you have gas in your tank, you can make money fast. They are great to work in a new car that needs a lot of upgrades. Drive the rookie races until you get better parts.

In the Ladder Races, you’ll be up against increasingly tougher opponents in each race. The higher you get, the more money you make. These races are great for making lots of money if you are desperately trying to improve your ride so you can compete in crew battles.

The Campaign, or Crew Races, bring you the biggest payout and the most respect points (RP), but are the hardest to win. This is also where the story takes place. Jerry, the crew manager keeps getting cars stolen from his garage and needs your help to catch the criminals. If you help him beat Crew Races, he’ll work to put you in touch with the top racers in Tier 2.

In the Daily Battles you can get behind the wheel of a rare sports car. Every time it’s a coincidence. You don’t know what you’re driving until you get behind the wheel. The fun part of taking part in the Daily Battles is that you get to see how different cars behave, some of which you may never own because they are prohibitively expensive even in the game.

Various cup events are constantly being added. You can earn RP for your crew in the Prestige Cup or get rare Fusion parts in the Fusion Trials. Cup events are temporary races where you have to fulfill some conditions, such as a specific car or stock parts. 

Multiplayer Races

In the Live Races you compete against real players for the biggest RPs. When you participate in a live race, you can choose an opponent who is a real person waiting at the other end for someone to compete against.

Starting with Tier 2 cars, you will need to release the clutch manually in live races. 

ShowDown is the latest game mode in CSR2. It is a hybrid mode between cups and multiplayer. Think of it as a prestige trophy, but you will be competing against real human players, not pre-built races.

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